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Supercharge Pardot Insights with Datorama

Supercharge Pardot Insights with Datorama

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The marketing intelligence engine for Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement and Account Engagement (Pardot) is Datorama. It enables data-driven organizations to bring diversified marketing performance data together, unify it through advanced data harmonization techniques, and create rich visuals for better decision-making. 

Note: Salesforce recently rebranded Datorama to now be called Marketing Cloud Intelligence. However, we’re referring to the tool as Datorama in this blog post.

Common Foundational Data Challenges Marketers Face

Lack of a unified view

There is a lack of a unified view of marketing investment, performance, and results. There’s just this huge expansive document and visual of all Martech that exploded throughout the years. Channels and technologies for managing these channels are continuing to increase and continue to do so. There is no one individual within a marketing organization that can possibly be tasked with overseeing everything.

Lack of real-time performance insights

There is a lack of real-time performance insight to optimize ROI and results. A majority of time for many organizations is spent on data corralling, manipulating data, and data preparation for presentations. It takes a bit of time to act — the time for improving results is actually diminished.

Lack of alignment and governance

Who needs access to what information and when? The more we become globalized as a civilization, and the more growth of channels, it makes it not only more difficult to digest the information to one platform but also challenging to distribute it to the right people at the right time. Enterprises and organizations consistently deal with agency partners including Pardot SIs, media agencies, and marketing agencies. Governance and diverse access is needed with sensitive information.

How Datorama can save the day

A unified view across different channels

Below is a table with all the siloed analytics and channels that Datorama is able to connect. There is a big need for a unified view. One singular information can be privy to all manner of marketing performance data and then make fundamental business and marketing decisions based on that one comprehensive data set.

Siloed AnalyticsSiloed AnalyticsSiloed AnalyticsSiloed AnalyticsSiloed AnalyticsSiloed AnalyticsSiloed AnalyticsSiloed Analytics
Paid Digital AdsPaid Traditional AdsProgramm-atic AdsAgency ReportingEmail, Mobile, SocialWeb Analytics
SalesCRM, Loyalty, Service
Instagram AdsComscoreTubeMogulPDFsSalesforce Marketing CloudAdobe Analytics
Salesforce Commerce CloudAWS
Info FourNielsenAppNexusGoogle Sheets
LinkedInGoogle Analytics
SQL Server
Google SheetsTURNMicrosoft Excel
The Trade DeskFacebook

Datorama Smart Time Shift

Once the foundational legwork has been done, turn the paradigm and spend the majority of your time on analysis. You’ve created data standards for each different channel. It eliminates consuming most of your time in data integration, cleansing, preparing, etc., in order to then make a decision. Oftentimes, it’s comparatively a rushed decision based on all that information.  

Data governance

Data is important! User roles and permissions are integrated within the system so the aspect of who and when someone accesses the data will be relevant to security and confidentiality.

Benefits of Datorama

  • Data warehouse –  After data is ingested, it gets stored in a local data warehouse
  • ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) Builds default data models to account for email, web, program analytics, etc., and gives the power to users the tools to blend all the information together.


Datorama is a powerful analytics tool that threads different data from a variety of sources into one platform. It’s able to save you tons of time with data preparation, corralling, and manipulation.

Check out Ryan DeShazer’s original video here. Find more cool stuff for marketers at MarDreamin!

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