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Salesforce Summer ‘22 Release: CRM Analytics Features We Love

Salesforce Summer ‘22 Release: CRM Analytics Features We Love

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The Salesforce Summer ‘22 Release is sending lots of love to CRM Analytics (formerly Tableau CRM) users in the form of updates and new features that make reporting work easier using the tool.

These are the features we’re going to start using ASAP.

What CRM Analytics features are there to love in the Salesforce Summer ‘22 Release?

They said it was coming. They said it would be here soon. Now it’s here. The CRM Analytics data manager has gotten a facelift and some groovy new features. 

Flows are headed out the door. Hello recipe driven data sets! Will you be ready? 

Read ahead to find out how some of these new features will change the way you use CRM Analytics

Reviewing Usage of CRM Analytics limits

Viewing usage is now a breeze! No more wondering what the limits are or how close you are to reaching them. This usage is unique to what’s used by CRM Analytics. I’ve been using this feature since the beta so I can’t even remember how we did it before.

All recipes, all the recipes, all the time (well pretty soon)

The retirement of flows is imminent. No, they won’t disappear, but this release shows that a strong “nudge” is being given to moving away from Data Flow (happy dance on my part).

Side note: the Flow to Recipe conversion (Beta) does not appear to be ready for primetime and flows are not going anywhere any time too soon! 

As part of this transformation, new Recipe features are being released to close the gap.

You now can give each step in a transform a name in a recipe


Salesforce resource

The “update” Join is now out of beta! 

Use Case: The update can be used to replace fields with those from another table. For example, instead of joining and adding a bunch of fields, you can update the Campaign name directly in related objects — less complexity and mess! 

Improved Data Sampling in Recipes

Select how you want the preview to work! 

You can now select a “sampling mode.” This is REALLY useful when the results you want to see might not exist in the initial rows returned (like when you are selecting filters). No more guessing when bucketing and filtering your values!

Salesforce resource

Connections screen that connects with your needs 

The connections area now has a simpler layout. That means seeing what’s available for use has never been easier. You can also view filters, multi values and other specific information about your connected data sources in one screen. 

When selecting connectors (add connector) you can now pick the type easily and see what options are available (and the list is growing). Open any object to see the new streamlined layout!

Improved Data Manager Layout

 It’s now super easy to see what’s happening, happened or will happen!

And finally, a small but wonderful change…. The status “circle” in Data manager now actually means something. The “green” shows how much of the recipe/dataflow has run so you can have some idea of how far into the process your data generation has gone!

Salesforce resource

See all the possibilities in CRM Analytics 

Maybe one of the most compelling things about the changes has nothing to do with what you can do, but with what you can now easily SEE. With all the possibilities becoming more visible, I anticipate many CRM Analytics admins and users digging into more of what the product has to offer.

Let us know what you’re working on in the comments section or reach out to us here.

Happy reporting everyone! 

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