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Using Pardot B2BMA as a Data Audit Tool

Using Pardot B2BMA as a Data Audit Tool

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In this blog, we will talk about data completeness, data hygiene, and data completeness KPIs to get you to have a better understanding and practice with Pardot B2BMA as an audit tool.

Data completeness

We’ll keep this straight to the point. You aren’t able to make great decisions if you don’t have good data. What is complete data? Are the fields being completely filled out? It’s actually about data you don’t know, what you need to know, and the diversity of sources you’re getting your data from.

How do you know if your data is complete?

Can you make decisions based on the data you have? Are you able to answer business questions or goals based on the data? Complete data does not necessarily mean asking every single question but only asking what you need.

 It’s best to make it targeted data. Knowing where it started, where it’s going, and what’s in the data are great practices to help you.

Data Hygiene

How do we control our data? We’ll start by getting the data we only need. Asking questions that would not be helpful to the goals can be avoided. 

  • Avoid open text boxes for categories like fields on cities/states/country as it will be very difficult to put them together categorically.
  • Be aware of convenience sampling. It is important to guide questions in a certain direction. Are we looking to find the things that we don’t already know yet? 
  • Monitor sources. Where does your data come from and how complete are those sources? Knowing who your population is and getting a proper sample from them is key.

Data completeness KPIs

What is your most actionable data? If you can only know 5 things about each of the people you’re getting information from, what would be the 5 most important information you want to get from them? 

Make prioritizations

Determine what your priorities are. Is it Industry, Geolocation, or Title? 

  • Identify non-actionable data. Are you collecting things because of everybody else? 
  • Determine categories of data to enrich. If you’re looking towards 5 different things that are important to you and you value, categorize them. 
  • Prioritize data enrichment activities. You can’t fix everything all at once. Having a good plan for determining which is the most critical data and how to clean them up will help you do a better job on forms and getting the data cleaner into Pardot. 
  • Measure your progress. It’s better to start a baseline and monitor insights as to what movement you have shown.


There are three critical aspects that can help us use Pardot B2BMA as an Data Audit Tool including data completeness, data hygiene, and data completeness KPIs, all of which are important to making important business decisions and achieving their goals.

Check out the full original video by Dominique Beaudin here. Or, click here to learn about this year’s MarDreamin’ conference. 

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