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Get Ready for Pardot Classic App Retirement

Get Ready for Pardot Classic App Retirement

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Queue Sarah McLachlan’s “I will remember you,” because the Pardot Classic App in Salesforce is officially retiring on Monday, October 17, 2022.

Remain calm! The retirement of the Pardot Classic App is unrelated to the recent Pardot rebrand to “Marketing Cloud Account Engagement.”

The retiring of the Classic app was announced almost a year ago, in October 2021. Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) will still be accessible at and through the Lightning App.

Check out this FAQ article for more information on what is changing with the retirement of the Pardot Classic App.

Pardot Classic App Retirement Implications

What does this mean? If you’re using the Pardot Classic App in Salesforce today, then you’re accessing the classic user interface (UI) via the “Pardot tab” in either your Salesforce Classic or Lightning experience.

On October 17, 2022, you’ll have two options to access Pardot moving forward:

  1. Logging in at This is Pardot’s legacy application with the same classic UI experience shared by the Pardot Classic App.
  2. Enabling the Pardot Lightning App: This is the recommended application to continue using Pardot in Salesforce Lightning. The Pardot Lightning App also grants you access to the latest and greatest features not available in the Classic App or at

Getting Salesforce Access for Pardot Users

But my Pardot users don’t have access to Salesforce!

That’s OK!

With the Winter ’23 release, users who do not require full access to Salesforce can now access the Pardot Lightning app with a new permission set. Read more about the Winter’ ’23 new release updates here.

Start Using the Pardot Lightning App

What’s the Pardot Lightning App?

I’m so glad you asked!

This app gives you access to all your favorite Pardot marketing automation features in an updated UI built on the Salesforce Platform. Check out this blog post on the benefits of using the Pardot Lightning App and the additions that come with it.

It’s Time to Switch to Pardot Lightning

Are you ready to make the switch? Check out The Salesforce Pardot Lightning Implementation Guide. Or get in touch with us for help.

Let us know how you feel about making the switch to Pardot Lightning in the comments!

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