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Unified Analytics: Find Reports and Dashboards Faster in Analytics Home

Unified Analytics: Find Reports and Dashboards Faster in Analytics Home

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If you’re like me, you hate spending half your life looking for things that have been filed already. I have reports in CRM Analytics and Salesforce, and it feels like a waste of time to have to look in two places. 

I also hate having to “guess” what previous reports/ dashboard might already exist before I add to the fray by creating a new one. On top of that, in Salesforce I have to use up to 2 navigation tabs if I frequent both Reports and Dashboards often, using up valuable visual real estate…

Well, your “search” for a solution is over! In the Salesforce Winter ‘23 Release, you now have access to a really cool way to see ALL your reports and dashboards through a single pane of glass.

Introducing… The Unified Experience For Analytics Home.

unified analytics view

How will Unified Analytics change my life?

While it might not be life altering, the Unified Analytics experience is magical on many levels and will give you back precious moments throughout your day! 

How, you ask? A few examples:

  1. Filter by Dashboard or reports (or lenses or Apps or Components) and see BOTH Salesforce AND CRM Analytics assets
unified analytics dashboard
  1. Explore all reporting assets by date, type, modified date, created date creator
unified analytics folders
  1. Search across all analytics assets to find what you need with a single search
unified analytics keyword results

Turning on Unified Analytics

You can turn on Unified Analytics in a few simple steps:

  1. Go To Setup > Analytics > Setting
  2. Check the box for “Enable the Unified Experience for Analytics Home”

That’s it!

home object manager

Some Important notes

  • You need an Analytics CRM license to use this new feature
  • Once enabled, the experience will be available on Salesforce apps and through the browser
  • Collections can be created or accessed from apps or through the browser

There are tons of tidbits in the Winter ‘23 release. This one might be small, but if your organization is one of those with lots of reporting assets (and lots of people writing reports), then this little nugget might just be the gold you’ve been looking for. 

Onto the next adventure.

Learn more about Unified Analytics and Salesforce reporting

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