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Account Engagement Lightning Builders and Scoring Categories

Account Engagement Lightning Builders and Scoring Categories

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Account Engagement (fka Pardot) Scoring Categories and Lightning Builders are two great features to amp up your marketing and segmentation efforts, but they don’t exactly connect like typical Account Engagement assets. This blog will walk you through what you can and cannot do when it comes to combining these two features.

Where we run into issues

Account Engagement Scoring Categories can be super impactful for orgs with multiple services, offerings, products etc. These categories allow you to break down a Prospect’s interest in your different offerings so you can better tailor your messaging and next steps. 

However, Scoring Categories rely on Account Engagement folders, if an asset lives in a folder that is assigned to a Scoring Category then any engagement with that asset is attributed to the Scoring Category, but the Lightning Builders don’t use folders. So can Scoring Categories be used with Lightning Builder assets? The answer is yes, but it’s complicated. 

Scoring Categories and the Lightning Email Builder

When List Emails or Email Templates are sent from Account Engagement, your default Scoring model will adjust the Prospect’s score as the Prospect engages with the email. If this List Email or Email Template is saved in a Scoring Category folder, then the resulting Score would be associated with that category. 

When Lightning Builder Email Content is sent to Prospects as a List Email or “activated for automation” and used as a template, there is no association with folders and therefore Scoring Categories. However, you can still adjust the Scoring Category in three ways:

1. Email Content Completion Actions

When sending Email Content you have the option to add completion actions for email opens, email clicks, and unsubscribes. Any of these options can be used to add or remove points from a Scoring Category.

2. Engagement Studio Program Actions

Lightning Builder Email Content can also be used within Engagement Studio programs. Just make sure you’ve selected “activate for automation” to push the Email Content down to Account Engagement:

In your Engagement Studio program, select the Email Content in your “Send Email” Action, add the relevant trigger (Email Click, Email Open, etc.), and then adjust the Prospect’s Scoring Category if they take said action. 

3. Custom Redirect used in the Email Content

If you have an especially important link in your email, such as a button to register for an event, you can also create a Custom Redirect for the link. 

Custom Redirects are associated with Folders, so any engagement with the link will update the Prospect’s Score within the category. You can also add a Completion Action to the Custom Redirect to add additional points above your default Scoring model. 

Scoring Categories and the Lightning Landing Page Builder

When Landing Pages are built within Account Engagement, Page Views, Landing Page Successes, and Landing Page Errors will automatically update the Prospect’s Score in accordance with your default Scoring model. If that Landing Page is stored in a folder associated with a Scoring Category then the default scores will go to the Scoring Category rather than the overall score. 

When the Landing Page is built in the Lightning Landing Page Builder, there is no association with folders and therefore Scoring Categories. However, you can still adjust the Scoring Category in two ways:

1. Form Completion Actions

The Form the Lightning Landing Page is using will be stored within Account Engagement and associated with a folder, but form fills completed via a Landing Page are associated with the Landing Page only. However, if your Form has a Completion Action to update a Scoring Category when it is filled out, this will be fired when the Prospect fills out the Form via a Lightning Landing Page.

2. Automation Rules

You can also create an Automation Rule to adjust a Prospect’s score if they have filled out a Lightning Landing Page. However, keep in mind this would only fire on the initial Landing Page completion. You can have the Automation Rule repeat, but it would keep giving the Prospect points each repeat even if they did not fill out the Landing Page again.

Go Use Scoring Categories with the Lightning Builder

So there you have it! Yes, you can use Scoring Categories with Lightning Builder assets, but it’s not in the ways you’d expect. 

What other questions do you have about the Lightning Builders? Let us know in the comments!

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