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Salesforce Spring ’24 Release: Platform Highlights

Salesforce Spring ’24 Release: Platform Highlights

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Wow, where did the time go? The Salesforce Spring ‘24 Release notes are out and some cool new features are right around the corner!  Here are the key Salesforce platform features marketers and Salesforce admins should know about. You can also get a closer look at the features from an Account Engagement admin’s perspective in this blog post.

Salesforce Spring ’24 User Interface (UI) Updates

Add Fields from Related Objects to Dynamic Forms-Enabled Pages 

Salesforce continues to build on Dynamic form capabilities by extending the functionality to access fields from related objects. I’m very excited to see this in place, as this is a common ask that previously would have to be delivered using less-than-simple methods. This Idea has been around since 2006 and has logged more than 35,000 points!

Customization Updates for mobile:

This release also includes features that will bring more design flexibility by device, and making the user experience more relevant based on how they are working:

Confirmation Message When You Select the Multi-Select Picklist Field Type

You can say Multi-Select picklists are sort of like raisins much like tags in Account Engagement. For some they are useful for their use case, and for others, they are a no-go because of their limitations (if you’ve tried to use them in reporting or automation you know what I mean 😉) 

Now, when you create a new field and select the Mutli-Select picklist data type, you will be presented with this pop-up highlighting the limitations to make sure this is the right approach before creating.

Reporting & Dashboard Updates

Easily Update Fields in Lightning Report Filters

This little update will probably save admins a lot of headaches. No more having to completely remove a filter to update it.  Now you can update the field being used in the filter. If you realize after building a report that you used the wrong date filter, all you have to do is swap the data field. The criteria remain intact.

Transfer Lightning Dashboard Ownership (Generally Available)

When someone leaves your organization, it’s now easier to transfer ownership of the dashboard to another user. In the past this had to be achieved by cloning or recreating the dashboard. 

In the Lightning Dashboard view, you can transfer ownership one dashboard at a time 

If you’re using the new Analytics tab, you can select multiple dashboards and change the owner for all selected at once.

Add Images, Rich Text, and Widgets to Dashboards in All Editions

Now you can add images or rich text widgets to make your dashboards more engaging with logos, contextual images, titles and descriptions. This feature previously available only in Unlimited and Premium editions is now available for all editions!

Five dashboard Filters now in All Editions

When creating dashboards you now can use up to five filters to give users even more ways to slice and dice the way they want and get the key information they need.

Automation Updates 

Create Multiple Instances of a Set of Fields with the New Repeater Component (Beta) 

I was very excited to see this feature, which lets users create multiple records in a single screen element. This will be ideal in situations like adding project members to a project team, or even providing a quick custom Create Contact flow. Users just populate the info for one record, then hit Add Item and new form appears allowing them to create the next one!

Supported fields include: Text, Number, Checkbox, Date, DateTime, Currency,Choices (except Choice Lookup), Display Text, Long Text Area

More Awesome Reactivity in Screen Flows

Screen flows have been getting a lot of reactivity love over the last few releases, and Spring ‘24 is no exception. Here’s a summary of features from this release:

Identify Flows Containing Email Alerts

On the Email Alerts page, you can now see what flows are using that alert, and whether the flow is active. This can be great if you’re looking to update your emails and want to understand what processes will be impacted by the change.

Other Notable Spring ’24 Release Updates

Marketing App is being Renamed

If you typically use the out-of-the-box Marketing App to access your Campaigns, Leads or Contacts, you’ll notice that the all has been renamed to ‘Marketing CRM Classic’. There doesn’t seem to be any change to the features available beyond the name change, though.

Get Help Understanding Salesforce Spring ’24 Release Enhancements

Contact the team at Sercante to get help implementing these enhancements in your Salesforce org. And leave us a comment below to let us know what you think about the Spring ’24 Release.

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