4 thoughts on “Use Accounts as Campaign Members in Pardot”

    1. The best way to do this is via a Dynamic list. The filter on the list would be ‘Prospect Account’ equals ‘AccountName’. This will pull in all the prospects related to the account in question.

      1. Thank you Allie – I had a similar question. what if we have thousands of accounts? But these accounts are tagged with a special field in SF – is there a less manual way of getting these contacts into a Pardot list? And what is the solution for Leads – as the doc referenced mentions Leads would have to be managed manually. Any recommendations?

      2. In general, I would leverage a custom Account field to add people from Salesforce to the dynamic list as you described. This relies on all the records existing as Pardot Prospects to work. I would take the same approach with Leads and leverage a custom field. The answer can change base on the specifics of your use case and configuration, let me know if you’re interested in working with Sercante to work on strategy and configuration.

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