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Demystifying Pardot B2B Marketing Analytics Plus

Demystifying Pardot B2B Marketing Analytics Plus

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With Pardot B2B Marketing Analytics Plus, you are able to bring external data, use an intuitive and customizable dashboard, activate Discovery Stories, and take advantage of Einstein Prediction Builder.

Difference between B2BMA and B2BMA+

B2B Marketing Analytics appExternal connectors
Pardot and CRM dataPardot, CRM and Import data
B2B Marketing Analytics app
Marketing Campaign Intelligence App
Discovery Stories
Einstein Prediction Builder
More data

Extracting Data

A case scenario is that there is a lack of visibility into usage as the data sits in an external system, getting it through that B2BMA. Extracting and bringing data is easy with the proper steps taken in B2B analytics. 

Remember that:

  • Dashboards are only as good are your data
  • Data is clean
  • Quality data everywhere
  • Joining in an effective way
  • What questions are you answering?

Customizing Dashboards

A use case example would be that you are missing key usage data from an ABM Dashboard, so you’ll add an additional lens from it. The first thing to do to edit a dashboard is to clone it. Connect it to the right data sources. Drag and drop as easily as you can. 


  • Always copy the dashboard before editing
  • Think first about user experience
    • Who will be using this dashboard?
    • What data will they be looking for?
  • What questions are we answering?
  • Charts were not created equal

Discovery Stories

An example of this use case is how prospects engage with your content and how can you actually improve it? Common questions that Discovery Stories can help with are how are your downloads doing? Or Are there engagements in downloading e-books or whitepapers? Options and suggestions from Discovery Stories will be given in a decision and strategy point of view for the future.

You can identify changes that are predicted to improve. Always remember to:

  • Not neglect combinations
  • Select relevant fields

Einstein Prediction Builder

An example of a case scenario would be a high percentage of leads were being marked unqualified and we didn’t know why so running tests from this capability will prevent this and identify some root causes.

Always remember:

  • Output is boolean or a number
  • What data matters? (e.g. not phone numbers)
  • Don’t include past leads that have already been unqualified


Pardot B2B Marketing Analytics Plus can give you a lot of advantages when it comes to data and being strategic in making decisions from it. There are plenty of capabilities that B2BMA+ offers including bringing external data easily to the dashboard, customization, Discovery Stories, and Einstein Prediction Builder. 

To learn more, click to watch the original video from Jess Pyne here.

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