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Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Spring ‘23: New Release Features

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Spring ‘23: New Release Features

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The Salesforce Spring ’23 Release Notes are out and we’ve been combing through them to see how these changes will affect our clients and readers. 

In this blog post, we’ll share the Salesforce Spring ’23 Release things you should know if you’re a Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) admin or user.

Engagement Optimizer BETA

An easier way to monitor and clean up your org? Yes, please! This new feature helps you: 

  1. Improve email send times
  2. Keep visitor tracking running smoothly
  3. Keep an eye on the overall status for your business unit
  4. Pause and prioritize actions

This feature is in BETA for all editions of Account Engagement, so if you want to go ahead and start using it, opt in by going to Account Engagement Settings and selecting Optimizer (Beta) from the left menu.

Once you enable the Optimizer, you’ll instantly see areas of your instance that can be cleaned up. The listed actions will include:

  • Reason for Alert
  • Priority
  • Feature Area
  • Recommendation 

Domain Validation Changes

Account Engagement is also making some changes to sending domain validation. This only affects domains validated after the Spring ‘23 release, so don’t worry about your existing Domains! 

Validating a new domain now requires proof of ownership via a validation key that you’ll need your IT team to paste into the DNS. The DomainKey Policy section of the Domain page has also been retired as this is no longer required. 

These changes should make validating new sending domains a bit easier going forward!

Old View

New View

New Pardot Org Defaults

If you create a new Account Engagement Business Unit after the Spring ‘23 release there are new defaults that you’ll want to take note of.

  1. First Party Tracking is enabled 
  2. Force HTTPS is enabled
  3. The Honor Do Not Track (DNT Header) option is enabled
  4. Request opt-in from all visitors is enabled
  5. The Max Tracking Cookie Duration setting is set to 365 days 

These defaults aim to protect your Prospect’s privacy, but they can be overwritten by an Account Engagement Administrator, if desired. These settings can be found under Account Engagement Settings > Edit

External Actions Monitoring

With the Spring ‘23 release, you can now keep an eye on External Actions

External Action Errors will now be available in a new report under Account Engagement Settings > External Action Errors and you can monitor External Action usage under your Account’s Usage and Limits report.


Several connectors and one feature were retired this release:

  1. ReadyTalk was removed November 30th, 2022
  2. Webex retiring March 31, 2023 and removed from Pardot April 1st , 2023
  3. Account Engagement for Slack BETA is retiring February 23rd, 2023
  4. The Option to Run Automation Rules in Real Time Is Being Retired as discussed in the Winter ’23 release 

Not in the new release, but…

These two changes were not in the new release notes but they’re important to point out. 

Opt Out Field Changes

This is happening on February 26th so make sure you’ve chosen your syncing system of record or your Opt Out field will stop syncing with Salesforce! 

Check out the Preparing for Pardot Opt Out Field Sync Changes blog for guidance on this change.

Pardot Files Now Open in a New Tab

I don’t know why Salesforce didn’t shout this one from the rooftops, this is a long needed feature that will make a lot of marketers happy. 

As of January 23rd, files stored in Account Engagement will open in a new tab when clicked rather than automatically download (hello white paper and case study hosting!). 

This only affects files uploaded on/after January 23rd. But you can reupload your file over your existing one to get the new behavior.

Keep it Going

Spring ‘23 Salesforce Release: Platform Highlights
Brian Roff shared all the things that caught his attention from a Salesforce platform perspective in this blog post. Read it here.

Reach out to the team at Sercante to get help implementing these enhancements in your Salesforce org. And leave us a comment below to let us know what you think about the Spring ‘23 Release.

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