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New Product Alert: Nonprofit Cloud and Education Cloud

New Product Alert: Nonprofit Cloud and Education Cloud

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Guess what? Big changes are coming to two Salesforce industry clouds. Salesforce is launching massive revamps this spring to target users working in the nonprofit and education sectors. The new Nonprofit Cloud and Education Cloud are a reimagining of the data model for these industries. 

What’s even better is that they are now inclusive of tools and features that you won’t find in the existing managed packages for those products.

Wait, didn’t Salesforce already offer Nonprofit Cloud and Education Cloud?

You may have seen mentions of these products before, but here’s how they’re different now. 

In the past, Nonprofit Cloud and Education Cloud were a set of solutions Salesforce packaged under an umbrella with those names. Or, many nonprofits relied on the managed package Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) in combination with Sales Cloud. Additional managed packages and services were stacked to build custom and highly individual solutions. 

For example, a university marketing department may have used Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot) while other divisions on campus are using Sales Cloud and third-party CRM for student admissions.

While the new offerings do not include customized marketing solutions like Pardot and Marketing Cloud, they do offer a single license solution that can take the place of Sales Cloud and third-party tools. 

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud

The new Nonprofit Cloud takes the learnings from this industry and creates a single, unified product that is truly tailored to nonprofit needs. Get the full scoop from the Salesforce Spring ’23 Release Notes.

Say hello to a new product based on your feedback, and that is all about YOU, not adapting an existing product to fit. 

Salesforce Education Cloud

Education is also stepping into the spotlight at long last. You can take a closer look in the Salesforce Spring ’23 Release Notes.

To replace Salesforce Education Data Architecture (EDA) + Sales Cloud, the all new Education Cloud rolls out a single product for student recruitment and admissions.

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud and Education Cloud Launch Dates & Product Details

So, when can you get your hands on the all-new Nonprofit Cloud and Education Cloud offerings? 

Today! New clients can evaluate these new products starting March 14, 2023.

Read more about the new Nonprofit Cloud and pricing here.

Who should consider Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud?

Here are questions you can ask yourself if you’re considering a move to the new Nonprofit Cloud:

  • Are you looking for a unified approach to program and case management that leverages the newest industry cloud tools like the Actionable Relationship Center? 
  • Is your team at a good place to go through a new implementation? 

Who should consider Salesforce Education Cloud?

You can ask yourself these questions if you’re thinking about moving to the new Education Cloud:

  • Are you looking for a unified solution to recruitment and admissions that leverages the newest industry cloud tools? 
  • Do you have the resources to complete a new implementation? 

Help! What if I already have NPSP or EDA as part of my solution?

Sit back, relax and enjoy new product demos (only if it doesn’t stress you out). Hopefully the demos will get you thinking about the possibilities the new offerings can bring.

Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), Education Data Architecture (EDA), and other existing products that currently support these industries will continue to be supported with no sunset on the horizon. 

Wait a minute — something’s missing here! 

More features will continue to be added to the impressive roster for Nonprofit and Education Clouds. 

For Nonprofit Cloud, you can expect to see fundraising, outcomes and engagement coming soon. And for Education Cloud, next up is Student Success. 

Learn more at the upcoming Education Summit.

Get help figuring out your next steps

So, we may know where you can get help understanding these tools and how they fit into your team’s overall marketing and operational strategy. 

Whether you’re already using a set of Salesforce solutions and products or thinking about implementing one of the new ones, you can reach out to team Sercante for help understanding what’s best for your long-term vision.

Are you already using NPSP or other Salesforce solutions at a nonprofit or school? Tell us about your experiences with the tools in the comments!

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