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How to Get Sales to Actually Use Salesforce Engage


You presented, you lobbied, you conquered and now you have the fancy new tool – Salesforce Engage. GREAT!  

A few months later, your excitement has dwindled as you find Engage isn’t being used like you had hoped…or, worse yet, it isn’t being used at all.

So, the looming question, how do you get sales to actually use Engage the way you intended? Here are 4 tips: 

1. Become the subject matter expert

First, you have to know how to use the tool inside and out. When you are learning it, train yourself on exact scenarios your sales team would encounter. As you go through scenarios, take screenshots and recordings to help the team easily learn exactly how they should use it. Now, when sales has questions, they’ll have a subject matter expert nearby. Oh, you don’t want to be the only go-to person? Read my next tip!

2. Launch to a small group of power users first

Before launching Engage to the entire team, pick a handful of team members to use the tool for a month of two. This will help you prepare for frequently asked questions, adjust business processes that could be a conflict, and perfect your training documents. You will also create additional experts who can help answer team questions after launch.

3. Demonstrate the value (no really, actually demonstrate it!)

 When you are presenting the tool for the first time, start by showing sales the desired end result and how it will help them. It’s like a first impression! Getting buy-in from the beginning is a huge help with increasing adoption and excitement. Use success stories from your small group launch to show real scenarios the rest of the team can relate to. 

4. Track your teams’ usage

Salesforce Engage gives admins user reporting so you can see who is using the tool. You can compare stats for individual sales reps, and identify the top-performing templates by email opens and clicks. Use these reports to regularly train and update the team, which also keeps the tool top of mind. Leverage your power users – the ones who adopted the tool quickly and use it regularly – and ask them to lead a session on how they’ve found success. Oftentimes, sales teams need to hear from ‘one of their own’ in order to buy-in completely. 

Launching a new sales tool is never an easy task. Have you found success and care to share? Let me know what tips you would add! 

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Celine Newsome

CRM & Marketing Automation Strategist. Celine is a 2x Salesforce certified consultant who also spent nearly 4 years working with Eloqua. She has 6+ years experience working with marketing automation in a variety of industries such as finance, software, homebuilding, and e-commerce. Her free time is usually spent playing tennis.

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