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Hands On: How to Build a Pardot Email Engagement Dashboard in Salesforce

Hands On: How to Build a Pardot Email Engagement Dashboard in Salesforce

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Do you have connected campaigns with Pardot and would like to see email engagement data in one place? In this blog, we are able to see how easy it is to build a Pardot Email Engagement in Salesforce

Reasons for a marketing email dashboard in Salesforce:

  • Your team does not have access to B2BMA or Analytics Studio.
  • You need more transparency and shareability cross-departmentally
  • You’re looking for an easy solution.


Building the Report in Salesforce

  • Click: Campaigns > Campaigns with List Emails
    • The report will pull up both list and automated (Engagement Studio) emails
    • If you don’t see the data, you may check with your Salesforce admin on the settings

Filters Settings on the Report

  • Show me > All Campaigns
  • Create Date > All Time
  • Subject > does not contain proof
  • Total sent > greater than 0

Outline Setting on the Report

  • Group Rows by Scheduled Date and Type
  • Select the Columns of your choice
  • For the Rates and Ratio – Select Average

Building a dashboard

  • Use the “Campaigns with List Email Report” as the basis the dashboard components
  • You may use metric chart for the headers
  • Set colors to express performance satisfaction
  • Use Line Chart for Open and CTR%
  • Stacked Vertical Bar Chart for Email Record Count
  • Vertical Bar Chart for Custom Campaigns field metric

Original content from Karla Vince. Watch more sessions like hers at this year’s MarDreamin’, a conference for marketers on Salesforce.

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