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Marketing Cloud Growth Edition: Creating Brand Guidelines

Marketing Cloud Growth Edition: Creating Brand Guidelines

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In February 2024, Salesforce announced a new marketing automation platform called Marketing Cloud Growth Edition. It’s built natively on the Einstein 1 platform and allows you to build multi-channel campaigns with Data Cloud. The core audience for the initial launch is marketers at SMBs, but we think this new platform will evolve and give us a taste of what on-platform marketing automation will look like in years to come. That being said, let’s take a look at how Marketing Cloud Growth Edition allows users to create brand guidelines and why it’s something marketers will cheer about.

Why you should add branding guidelines in Marketing Cloud Growth Edition

Marketing Cloud Growth Edition uses the Experience Cloud builder, which has drag-and-drop functionality so users can build responsive assets without digging into the HTML. It also has generative AI that users can tap to build marketing assets through natural language prompts. 

Setting up branding guidelines in Marketing Cloud Growth Edition is pretty important when it comes to getting more traction out of the platform, saving time for your team, and creating consistency among your marketing assets. 

You can add guidelines for multiple brands in one org so you can tailor each email and landing page to the brand it represents. Also, if you update any part of your branding guidelines, Marketing Cloud Growth Edition will automatically carry that change across any marketing assets where you’ve applied those brand guidelines.

How to set brand guidelines in Marketing Cloud Growth Edition

Here’s how setup works for the brand center in Marketing Cloud Growth Edition.

  1. Navigate to Marketing > Content > Select Content Workspace for Marketing Cloud.
  2. Select Add > Content.
  3. Select Brand.
  4. Select Create.
  5. Add a title and description for your brand.

Set up your brand colors

Select Set Your Brand Colors under the Colors subheading.

Typography Settings

Under the Typography heading, set your Base Font Family and Font Sizes and Text Styles.

Text Styles

Set up your text styling for headings, paragraphs, buttons, inputs, and labels.

Style your CTA buttons

Finally, create variations of buttons under the Buttons subheading.

Finalize your brand guideline settings

Here’s how to finish creating your brand guidelines.

  1. Select Save.
  2. You can send an approval workflow for this new brand, or select Publish if it’s ready to use.

See the full Salesforce help guide for the Marketing Cloud Growth Edition Brand Center here.

Applying brand guidelines to marketing assets

Here’s how to start using the brand guidelines you created to build marketing assets in Marketing Cloud Growth Edition.

  1. Navigate to Marketing > Content > Select Content Workspace for Marketing Cloud.

Note: Brand guidelines are currently in Beta, so If you create a new marketing asset by creating a Campaign and using a Campaign Template, you will not be able to apply a brand. This may change with the Summer ’24 release 👀.

  1. Select Add > Content.
  2. Select your Content Type.
  1. Select Create.
  2. From the right side menu, select Select Brand.
  1. Select your brand, and click Add.

Reminder: Changing the Brand Guidelines will automatically update any marketing assets that are using the guidelines.

Start building on-brand marketing assets with ease

Building branded marketing assets in Marketing Cloud Growth Edition is so easy thanks to the brand center. You can rest easy knowing that anyone on your team can build emails and landing pages through natural language prompts inside the platform and the outcome is always going to accurately and consistently reflect your brand standards.

As always, you can reach out to the team at Sercante to learn more about marketing automation on the Salesforce platform or find more information about Marketing Cloud Growth Edition and how the brand center works. Send us a message to start a conversation.

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