How to Hire a Rockstar Pardot Administrator

 So you’re ready to add a Pardot Administrator to your team.  You’ve polished up your job description, you’ve broadcasted it far and wide to your network, you’re getting resumes – now how do you pick the right fit talent?

Of course, an ideal candidate would be someone who has Pardot experience and knows the system inside and out.  Depending on your budget and market availability for talent, however, that might not be realistic.  Continue reading How to Hire a Rockstar Pardot Administrator

Real Talk: 5 Surprises When Implementing Pardot

I love surprises – surprise parties, surprise presents, surprise announcements.

But this blog isn’t about THOSE kind of surprises. It’s about those “well shit, I didn’t see that coming” things that can rear their heads in a technology implementation project.

Having helped several dozen companies ramp up on Pardot, there are a few recurring things that I see come up that weren’t clearly communicated in the sales process: Continue reading Real Talk: 5 Surprises When Implementing Pardot

Hello, world!

Hi, internet!  This is my first post over here at  So far I have a loyal following of three: me, my husband Buck, and my out-of-control energetic German Shepherd Murphy.  (Hey, it’s a better 3 than me, myself, and I.)

This site is a future hub for all things Pardot – blogs, stories of people rocking the platform, and maybe even a training course or two someday (safe harbor.)  My current form of gainful employment is managing a global Pardot rollout for the B2B division of a Fortune 500 firm.  In the past, I’ve worked with agencies, consulting firms, and corporations on Pardot implementations and optimization projects. Continue reading Hello, world!